INTERNATIONAL SRI RESEARCH SEMINAR ON RECENT Changes in Rice Production and Rural Livelihoods: New Insights on the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) as a Socio-Technical Movement in India

Wageningen University

national consortium on sri (ncs)









The National Consortium on SRI (NCS) is a coalition of practitioners, policy makers, resource institutions and scientists, who are keen to spread SRI on a large scale in the country. The NCS is conceptualized as a think-tank in which the members have come together voluntarily to advance the science, strengthen practice and take up policy advocacy in favour of SRI.

  • Science of SRI: This includes the identification of the enabling factors for the full expression of the genetic potential of the rice plants; conservation of natural resources; and improvement of soil health and nutrient mining.

  • Practice of SRI: This includes an evaluation of the tangible benefits of SRI; understanding the realities of adopting and dis-adopting SRI; measuring the efficiency and efficacy of the use of inputs and conservation of resources such as seeds, water, fertilizers and labour as well as organic supplements; reduction in cost of cultivation, design and spread of suitable implements; and preparation of user-friendly tools and resource materials.

  • Policy on SRI: This includes influencing mainstream programmes and strategies for scaling up SRI; advocating for an innovative institutional architecture of extension for wider adoption and impact; convergence of multiple programmes; and evolving new forms of partnership.

Future Road Map of the NCS

  • Evolve more insights into the science of SRI and other similar agro-ecological innovations to drive the new green revolution

  • Take up on-farm and on-station research the farm in collaboration with scientists and practitioners including farmers, to pilot new ideas

  • Develop more clarity on the social impact of SRI; Evolve strategies for capacity building of stakeholders in an on-going basis

  • Advocate for supportive policy strategies.



  • "Upscaling SRI in the XII Plan" was organized by the National Consortium on SRI (NCS) at Council for Social Development, New Delhi on 13th January 2012  [DOWNLOAD PDF]

  • "Status of SRI in India, upscaling strategy and global experience sharing" was organized at Central Library, IARI, New Delhi on 3rd March 2011.  [DOWNLOAD PDF]


  • Prof. T.M. Thiyagarajan and Dr. Biksham Gujja (February 2013): "Enhancing System of Rice Intensification (SRI) - Transforming Rice Production with SRI - Knowledge and Practice - Reducing Agriculture Footprint and Ensuring Food Security", presented for the Second National Consortium on SRI (NCS) and supported by AgSRI, RRA Network and HIVOS [DOWNLOAD PDF]

  • National Consortium on SRI: "Enhancing employment and sustaining production - Framework for Integration of System of Rice Intensification with Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS)" released for the Round Table Meeting on SRI for the XII Five Year Plan held at CSD in Delhi on 13 January, 2012. [DOWNLOAD PDF]

  • B.J. Pandian, D. Rajakumar and S. Chellamuthu (2012), Tamilnadu Agricultural University in collaboration with National Consortium of SRI: "System of Rice Intensification - a synthesis of Scientific Experiments and Experiences" released for the Round Table Meeting on January 13, 2012. [DOWNLOAD PDF]